Our story

With the forest hiding them and feeding them to survive during the dark hours of the Second World War, Marcel Tortay and Désiréee Henriette, fearless couple of the resistance, passed on their wisdom and their respect for the nature to their sons Marcel and Henri, along with their courage and determination.

After years of experience, both brothers created the TORTAY company in 1974, specializing in selling fresh plants.

They invested in the 1980s in a dehydrator, a cutting machine and a crusher, allowing them to dry their plants to respond to the needs of the various markets. The company is rapidly expanding between 1990 ans 2001 by refining their set-up of production networks, crops and collections throughout France and abroad, assuring its diversity and abundance while consolidating the foundations of its quality charter.

Since 2010, date of our certifications Iso 22000, FCA and Ecocert, we continuously develop our vision around the plant, the trade and production.

Our philosophy

While producing plants is a complex and difficult task, our main value lies in the respect for the living.

As a result, we try hard to maintain this delicate balance in all aspects of our business.


Due to their extensive experience, the Tortay's brothers are very well aware of the difficulties this profession presents, which is why we support the different sectors by financing the harvests, organizing flows and helping in the implementation of systems of control adapted to guarantee the traceability and the quality of plants.


We are proud of the work achieved by our brave producers and would like to thank our customers for their continuous trust and support.

Our wish is to continue to preserve and sustain this partnership.

Our products and services

Our job is to anticipate and to ensure the supply of raw materials to our customers throughout the year, providing the quantity and quality expected from one harvest to another.


We have several lines of grinding for the powder putting, cutting machines to make various types of cuts, as well as debacterization chambers and mixers.


We offer a wide range of biological and conventional aromatic plants, wild herbs, spices, powders of fruits and vegetables.

Because nature amazes us, amuses us, surprises us.

Because nature is elusive, uncontrollable, sometimes scary and ruthless, we owe it to ourselves to love it, respect it and take car of it.


It's not only a question of certification but common sens for each of us because without it, we are nothing.